Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Latinos Want More Obamaphones - Fraud and All

Before I get any hate-mails from Liberal "Latinos" let me just say that my grandparents on both sides came from Mexico around the early 1900s.

It appears that the fraud laden Obamaphone program has its cheerleaders. Good old LULAC (The League of United Latin American Citizens) wants the program expanded so more "Latinos" make use of this boondoggle give-away! Heaven knows if legal Hispanic citizens or Mexican illegal aliens will make use of this program, but LULAC wants their share...and more.

Let's get serious...the program is full of fraud. The cell phone companies are pushing this fraud and every citizen who thinks they deserve government aid makes this program even costlier for taxpayers. Cell phone companies give these phone away because Uncle Sam reimburses them. Entitlement junkies take them because they can sell the phones to support their habits...good and BAD.

So, lets hear it for LULAC...just another acronym for FRAUD! Read all about it at...LULAC thinks its entitled to Obamaphones!

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