Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nun Says Syrian Gassing Fake

Mother Agnes Mariam el-Salib, mother superior of St. James Monastery,  says she has “carefully studied the footage” of the chemical attack in Syria and plans to “present a written analysis on it a bit later.” Sister Agnes says the “whole affair was a frame-up” and “prepared in advance with the goal of framing the Syrian government as the perpetrator.”
Here’s what this article (excerpt from article follows) and Sister Agnes she consider key evidence from her research:
"The key evidence is that Reuters made these files public at 6.05 in the morning. The chemical attack is said to have been launched between 3 and 5 o’clock in the morning in Guta. How is it even possible to collect a dozen different pieces of footage, get more than 200 kids and 300 young people together in one place, give them first aid and interview them on camera, and all that in less than three hours? Is that realistic at all? As someone who works in the news industry, you know how long all of it would take.

The bodies of children and teenagers we see in that footage – who were they? What happened to them? Were they killed for real? And how could that happen ahead of the gas attack? Or, if they were not killed, where did they come from? Where are their parents? How come we don’t see any female bodies among all those supposedly dead children?

I am not saying that no chemical agent was used in the area – it certainly was. But I insist that the footage that is now being peddled as evidence had been fabricated in advance. I have studied it meticulously, and I will submit my report to the UN Human Rights Commission based in Geneva."

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Were Syrian chemical attacks staged? Ask Sister Agnes.

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