Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Red Lines...Green Lines..Blue Lines...Who Cares!


Barack Obama said he drew some type of line, but then he said he didn't. He blamed it on Congress, he blamed it on America, he even blamed the world! Obama messed up. Some say credibility is the real issue. They say Obama's credibility...America's credibility...will be hurt if we don't strike.

But, why strike to save face when this bombing could release chemicals into the atmosphere? Why go to war for some person's or country's credibility? Why put more lives at risk? This is not some game!

The world already knows Obama has made the U.S. look weak. Who cares if his credibility goes south. We are talking about lives lost in any air strike. We're talking not only about death in Syria but also Israel should that country be attacked in retaliation by Muslim nations.

Why do politicians and arm-chair warriors take striking Syria as a must do? George W. Bush took almost two years to get an Iraqi invasion on the road. This guy Obama wants to push because of what. We already know that the Syrian "rebels" could have detonated chemical weapons by mistake. We also know that John Kerry showed pictures of horrors that happened in Iraq (not Syria) years ago. Who's making a case for more death? Is Obama making an effort to avoid answering for his scandals? Is he using war as a diversion? Think about it.

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