Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz to Media...Dissect Obamacare

Senator Ted Cruz took the Main Stream Media to the proverbial woodshed regarding Obamacare. The media appears to target the politics behind Obamacare. In truth, the media should see what it will do to people and to our economy.

The media needs to stop supporting their hero Barack Obama and do justice to the words "reporting the news!" So what if Obama is the first Socialist, black president of this country. So what if the Republicans seem to be in lock-step against Obamacare. So what is maybe some Democrats also oppose this boondoggle.

The real news is...what does this government takeover of our health care mean to us and our future. The media boys need to start reporting news not personalities. This isn't Dancing with the Stars!!

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Cruz to Media: Report what Obamacare does to citizens and our country.

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