Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria Out of Work With Little Pay

Why is Barack Obama so focused on bombing Syria? What does this country have to do with our country’s interests? What is the real reason for Obama’s obsession with attacking Syria?

Could it be a diversion? Could it be his way of getting our minds off our country’s struggling economy?

Here are some interesting figures from the linked article:

  • Currently 37% of working age adults in America are either not working or they’ve given up looking for work
  • Since the 1st of January, 77% of the new jobs created are part-time
  • Income for black households has dropped by 10.9%
  • Income for Hispanic households has dropped by 4.5%
  • Income for single women head of households has dropped by 7%
  • Unemployment among blacks is 13.3%
  • Unemployment among Hispanics 9.4%
  • Unemployment and under-employment among college graduates under age 25 is 18.3%
Read more and get the facts at this link…The Syrian obsession and our economy.


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