Monday, July 21, 2014

Israel and U.N. Hypocrisy

One of the reasons why the United Nations was organized was to confront inhumanity in the world. The U.N. is guilty of failure in this task.
Christians are being massacred in parts of Africa and the Mideast. Where is the U.N. on this violation of human rights?
Women are being abused, tortured, and murdered in Islamic countries. What is the U.N. doing on this subject?
Hamas refuses to stop its assault on Israel in the Gaza. How does the U.N. respond?
To this...the U.N. accuses Israel of being the culprit in this conflict and condemns its actions...actions Israel has taken in order for it to survive as a nation.
The U.N. is a useless building in New York filled with a bunch of useless bureaucrats. The U.N. does NOT defend human rights, it makes light of it.
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