Friday, July 11, 2014

Obama Administration 'Borderline Jew-Hating'

It's a little known fact that the Roosevelt Administration did almost nothing to rescue Jews in Nazi Germany and Nazi held lands. Roosevelt felt that the only way to rescue the Jews from death camps was to win the war.
FDR also did not want to upset or offend Arab interests in the Mideast. Jewish Zionist wanted a Jewish state in Palestine which was then under British control. Any push by Roosevelt to help Jews in Europe would be seen by the Arabs as a form of approval for a Jewish state and Jewish emigration into Palestine.
Sad to say, even pressure from major Jewish organizations in the U.S. did nothing to persuade FDR. Even worse, the country's major news medias did not report the mass murders in Europe until it was too late. Too bad we didn't have the internet back then! European Jewry was left to die a millions times over because of no news and no action.
Today, the Obama Administration is trying to repeat what FDR and his gang did and didn't do. Barack Obama may be showing his true colors (Muslim) in his attempts to pressure Israel but do nothing to offend Arab states. Obama is one step ahead of Roosevelt in his perceived hatred of Jews! Read more...

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