Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Catholic Church and Immigration

I find it very hypercritical of American Catholic Church leaders who put their full weight behind helping the illegal influx into our country. The Catholic Church is guilty of trying to overly aid young people invading our borders. Church leaders fly the banner of "it's the Christian" thing to do.
Yet, in the 1930s many Church leaders were opposed to the immigration of German Jews fleeing the ever increasing hostilities of Adolph Hitler and his Nazi regime. Why did the Church oppose the plight of European Jews back then?
In the 1930s, Catholic priest Charles E. Coughlin preached hatred of the Jews. His weekly tabloid Social Justice pushed for limits in Jewish immigration to the United States. His popular radio program spoke about the secret power of international Jewry and the evil behind it. Was this the Christian thing to do?
My point...why now? Why now does the Church preach what Christ, a Jew, preached long ago about "love they neighbor as thyself?" Why did it NOT love its neighbor in the 1930s and early 40s? Was it because the victims of Hitler's death chambers were Jews?
Pope Frankie and the rest of the Church need to remember what the Church did and didn't do some seventy years ago. Or...does loving a neighbor need a qualifier like...as long as they are NOT JEWISH!

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