Friday, July 25, 2014

What's With the U.N. and Israel?

In my opinion, the United Nations is a group of liberal countries whose leaders remind me of organized crime. The U.N. has its favored nations. It treats mass murdering and baby killing countries like the victims of law abiding nations.
In the U.S., we've seen this kind of treatment as victims become the guilty. The person whose money is stolen or whose life is taken is usually found at fault. The criminal becomes the victim of society's misconceptions or perceived mistreatment. All we see is he or she did it because he or she was abused or was not privileged to have the better things of life. Same old liberal cop-out!
And so goes the its treatment of Israel. This is a nation born of Arab hostility. In its early days, after the British left, Israel was the victim of Arab bombings and murders. Once Israel was able to maintain itself and defend itself from Arab lawlessness, then the U.N. started to condemn its actions of self survival. Israel became the victim-criminal in the eyes of liberal U.N. leaders.
See what is happening now...

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