Sunday, July 20, 2014

Seven Reasons American Should Stand Proudly With Israel

This is an excerpt from the Conservative Tribune article linked below:
  1. The first reason why Americans should stand with Israel is because Israel stands with us. Unlike a number of other nations and Islamic groups, Israel shares much of western culture and respect for traditional ideals such as reason, individualism, happiness, and capitalism.
  2. Israel is the strongest military presence in the region, and America should always ally itself with strength unless other factors–such as human rights violations or wanton international aggression–dictate otherwise.
  3. Israel is a strong supporter of and advocate for middle east peace. Israel recognizes the right of Palestinians to have their own state despite repeated attempts by Palestinians and other Arab nations to destroy Israel completely. These attempts started on the day after Israel became an independent nation, only three years after the fall of the German Nazis who had killed six million Jews in their own attempt at genocide.
  4. Despite its strong military, Israel has not set out to conquer or subdue any neighboring states except insomuch as it was necessary for the nation’s self-defense, despite repeated provocations from Islamic terrorists. Israel actually inflicts fewer civilian casualties on its enemies than its enemies inflict on themselves.
  5. Israel has a strong human rights record, despite the literally thousands of frivolous complaints lodged against it in the United Nations. The same can be said for very few Arab or Muslim nations, much less its current opponent Hamas, whose use of human shields to protect its war-making equipment is well-established.
  6. America owes its founding to the nation of Israel. Despite what the current U.S. president claims to believe, America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles of liberty and the value of individual human life.
  7. Finally, Israel is a robust democracy, the only one in the middle east, giving its citizens the right and opportunity to have their say in the nation’s foreign and domestic policies.

Read the entire article at... Stand with Israel.

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