Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Marine Killer Tried as Juvenile Gets 7 1/2 Year Sentence

There is NO justice in the U.S. nor in Afghanistan! Former Representative and military Lieutenant Colonel Allen West reported the execution murder of three Marines in Forward Operating Base (FOB) Delhi, Helmand province of Afghanistan.

The killer was going to be tried as an adult and could get the death penalty. This all changed and he was tried as a youth, receiving a sentence of ONLY 7 1/2 years in accordance with Afghan law.

OUTRAGE! The Obama Gang has no respect for the military. This is just another example of that disrespect. How can Obama answer such injustice? He'll give excuses. But, the U.S. is helping that country survive...remind its leaders!!

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Outrage: Afghan Killer of Marines tried as juvenile.

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