Thursday, April 4, 2013

Obama Uses the Constitution, a Document He said was Flawed

Barack Obama wants to limit your ability to bear arms. He wants deep background checks. These same checks have not proven to reduce murder in this country.

The Washington Post "Fact Checker" says:

"The key purpose of the background checks in the Brady law is to prevent certain individuals — particularly those with criminal records — from easily buying guns. But from its inception, few people have been prosecuted for lying on the application form. A 2000 General Accounting Office report and a 2004 Justice Department Inspector General report disclosed a lack of clear guidelines for prosecution but also indicated that these are simply hard cases to make."

Even with all this talk about background checks, its is interesting to note that as reported by Anita Kumar on the McClatchy Newspapers web site that:

"A host of logistical problems – including concerns about violating privacy, misunderstandings about which records should be submitted and a lack of money and training – has left the National Instant Criminal Background Check System without the information that’s necessary to prevent guns from ending up in dangerous hands."

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