Monday, April 22, 2013

What Does Obama Want Us to Know?

The Boston bombing is clear as mud! Yes, we know that two brothers
from Checking-You-Out blew up at least two IEDs and killed three innocent people. Yes, we know that the old brother, Tamponland, is dead. Yes, we know the younger, Doc's-Hair, is "talking." But what about the Saudi connection? Does oil keep the truth from emerging?

Glenn Beck has a scoop, and it's not Cookies and Cream. But, the Obama Administration may juggle the Saudi "person of interest" around so much that none of the truth will ever come out. Remember, this an administration that "will be transparent!" You know like muddy water.

Beck gave the Obama dictatorship until today (Monday 22 April 2013) to fess up. Obama said " No Comment." So now we have to wait for facts to regurgitate from of the White House mosque!

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