Friday, April 12, 2013


When does human life begin? Does in begin at conception? Does it begin at a given time between conception and birth? Does it begin at birth?

Let us say that human life begins at conception. Therefore, if life begins at conception then abortion, according to our Constitution, denies the rights of the unborn. It’s as simple as that!
Abortionists plead for “women’s rights.” Moreover, I do agree…women should have the same rights as men. However, do the unborn have the same rights as women and men in America? 

If you look at our current society, the answer is a resounding “NO!” An unborn child is nothing but a piece of human tissue…that is according the Pro-Abortion folks. Organizations like Planned Parenthood (a classic misnomer) revel in the fact that they can kill any unwanted baby without being prosecuted for infanticide! People like Barack Obama use soft sounding remarks in support of infant slaughter. They play the “women’s rights” anthem!

However, who speaks for the unborn? Who will sing their anthem? When will the federal government see the wrong those nine justices brought upon our nation some 40 years ago? How many more babies will be killed? Who will be brought before the Eternal Supreme Court to answer for the innumerable massacred children?

It’s up to all Christians and Jews who regard life as sacred to speak out for the speechless. It’s up to us to voice our concern for future lost generations. It’s up to us to tell our government “NO MORE…STOP THE KILLING!” Help the unborn fight for their lives!

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