Monday, April 8, 2013

The Obama Lifestyle of the Rich & Infamous

The imperial presidency of Barack Obama continues. The vacations and golf trips continue. The extravagant parties continue. Barack, Michelle, Joe, and Jill take a trip to forget their dire situation! And...we pay for it!

Meanwhile back in the USA, people are out of work, doing without, limiting their spending, and trying to save. We limit vacations to within drivable distances or we take no vacations! Our lifestyle is more down to earth. Life is hard.

Meanwhile back at the re-distribution station, people are applying for food stamps and/or Section 8 housing assistance, getting unemployment compensation, holding up banks for housing loans, and just waiting around for more "Obama money." Some have it hard living off taxpayers.

But then we do live in let's see what they're doing. Read more at...

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